Foundation Solutions

Foundations create space. They shape our environment, increasing space by supporting heavy vertical loads for buildings and structures such as bridges and jetties. Foundation solutions resist lateral forces and retain soil and/or water, to enable land reclamation or provide space within a coffer dam or basement excavation. The solutions may be permanent such as for a wharf or cut-off wall, or temporary in the case of trench shoring.

J Steel has extensive experience in a wide range of foundation applications within marine, civil and building construction environments. These include:

  • Bearing piles for buildings, bridges, jetties, wharfs and industrial engineering structures
  • Earth retaining structures for tunnels, pipelines, bridge abutments and basement excavations
  • Containment structures such as cut-off walls, weirs, levees, cofferdams and land reclamation
  • Marine structures including marinas, groynes, moorings, dry docks, navigation beacons, sea walls and quay walls

Through our in-house engineering expertise and the support of our suppliers, including the technical departments within ArcelorMittal, we are able to provide innovative cutting edge solutions for load bearing and earth, or water retaining foundation applications.

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