The viability of steel marine structures often depends on the costs and time associated with corrosion protection methods of carbon steels. Recently released AMLoCor steel grades provide engineers with a simple and economical opportunity to significantly increase the design life of marine structures. Coating and cathodic protections systems used to ensure the durability of a structure can be expensive, the corrosion benefits of AMLoCor steel produces economical construction solutions that result in reliably durable steel marine structures.

In November 2011 ArcelorMittal announced the release of AMLoCor steel grade. The main advantage is a significant reduction of the corrosion rates in the low water zone and in the permanent immersion zone. AMLoCor provides a solution for the many cases where the splash zone is not critical and higher bending stresses in the low water and permanently immersed zones govern the design. AMLoCor has a resistance to corrosion five times greater than carbon steels in the Low water zone and three times greater resistance in the permanent immersion zones, while rendering a neutral effect on the splash and atmospheric zones. Combined with a coating system if required for the splash zone AMLoCor provides the best corrosion resistant solution for the marine environment.

Typical loss of steel thickness in a marine environment

AMLoCor is currently available in three strength grades producing yield strengths of 320MPa, 355MPa and 390MPa. Not all sheet pile sections can be rolled in AMLoCor at this stage and ongoing development is underway to facilitate manufacture in a wider range of sections.

The Port of Shoreham in the UK installed an anchored quay wall approximately 30m long in 2010, with one anchor level, and a retained height of 8.7m. The design required AZ 37-700 sheet piles in AMLoCor Blue 355 steel grade, with a yield strength of 355MPa. This wall has been installed with monitoring piles for future inspection of residual thickness. Similar reference cases are being sought internationally - Australia consultants or project owners who may be interested can contact us by emailing your details to or completing the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

J Steel Australasia is the exclusive supplier of AMLoCor products in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

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AMLoCor Mechancial Properties & Chemical Composition