AZ38 700N560x135

AZ38-700N the latest in 100 years of innovation

This year marks 100 years since the first production of hot rolled sheet piles in Luxembourg by ArcelorMittal. Represented locally by J Steel Australasia, ArcelorMittal continue to bring innovation and improvement to products vital to marine, civil and foundation engineering applications.

The most recent revolution in the steel sheet piling industry started in 2004 with the introduction of the AZ38-700 range of sheet piles. It was the first 700mm wide hot rolled Z-section and was instantly accepted by the market providing a 14% weight reduction and reduced installation time due to its increased width compared to the previous AZ38. Australia reflected a world trend with this sheet pile contributing to the execution of more and more cost-effective sheet piling structures in the higher range of section modulus.

In January 2008 this profile reached a milestone. Owing to its success, especially for driving into dense soils, the demand exceeded the production capacity of the mill in Belval, Luxembourg. Incorporating customer feedback a new improved shape was launched, the AZ39-700, a similar geometry but with an increased web thickness and a hint of "reinforced shoulders". This minor change lead to two significant advantages: superior driveability properties and higher productivity at the mill.

ArcelorMittals commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in what is considered the last chapter in development of this section, the AZ38-700N. A new calibration of the rolling process at the mill allows a further redistribution of steel in the section providing a stiffer section with much thicker reinforced shoulders, like the AZ48. This new section is available now in 2011 with rolled up version AZ40-700N and rolled down version AZ36-700N.

In addition to the AZ38-700N range, ArcelorMittal added 4 profiles AZ12-700R to AZ14-700R late in 2010.