New W Sections

ArcelorMittal has reviewed and modified their range of W section wide flange beams, substituting old W920x420 sections with new sections consistent with developments in ASTM standards over recent years. The motivation for change has been to have identical inner profile (web) depth for both the W920x420 and W920x310, this allows for more effective combination of both profiles in steel design and construction.

The 7 additional Jumbo sections are exclusively manufactured by ArcelorMittal, these heavy columns and beams foster greater design flexibility and increase the competitiveness of steel construction using Hot rolled beams versus a concrete solution or welded beam.

All sections are available in steel grade ASTM A992 and in steel grade ASTM A913 (grade 50 up to 70), additional Charpy requirements are subject to further discussions.

The additional heavy sections extending the range are:

W 920 x 420 x 1077
W 920 x 420 x 1194
W 920 x 420 x 1269
W 920 x 420 x 1377
W 360 x 410 x 1202
W 360 x 410 x 1299
W 1000 x 400 x 976

Download for more information:

New W Sections - American wide flange beams