Hot Dipped Coil - Magnelis®

Magnelis® is produced on a classic industrial hot dip galvanising line, but dipped in a molten bath with a unique metallic chemical composition of zinc with 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium. The 3% magnesium is crucial as it creates a stable and durable layer across the entire surface and gives a far more effective corrosion protection than coatings with lower magnesium content.

Magnelis® is available in a very wide range of steel grades: steels for cold forming and deep drawing applications, structural steels and high strength low alloy steels

In addition to being fortified by a cathodic protection equivalent to zinc coating, Magnelis® protects exposed cut edges with a thin zinc-based protective film with magnesium, which prevents corrosive reactions.

Size Range:

  • Thickness – 0.45mm to 2.0mm
  • Width – Maximum width 1.630m

Typical Uses:

  • Construction: profiles, structural material, cladding, cable trays, expanded metal, concrete moulds
  • Public works & civil engineering: decks for car parks, sound insulation wall panels, walls providing protection against hail
  • Agricultural & farming: barns, greenhouse structures
  • Road & railway applications: safety & protection equipment.

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