Q&T/Wear Plate

Quench hardening is achieved by heating the material to a certain temperature, differing upon material, and then rapidly cooling the material. This produces a harder material by either surface hardening or through-hardening varying on the rate at which the material is cooled. The material is then often tempered to reduce the brittleness that may increase from the quench hardening process.

J Steel supplies Q&T plate from ArcelorMittal and various third party mills throughout the world in a variety of grades and standards, particular emphasis is given to sizes outside local capability. Q&T Plate can be supplied to European, and American Standards, as well as others on request.

Common Quality Range:

  • Plate

Size Range:

  • Thickness – up to 300mm
  • Width – up to 3000mm
  • Others may be available on request – please ask

Typical Uses:

  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Pressure vessels
  • Structural applications

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