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Standards and Delivery – Sheet Piles

Hot Rolled sheet piles are manufactured and supplied in accordance with European Standard EN 10248. Cold Rolled sheet piles are manufactured and supplied in accordance with European Standard EN 10249.

Steel Grades

Steel Grade
EN 10248
Min. yield
Min. tensile
Chemical composition (% max)
MPa MPa % C Mn Si P S N
S 240 GP 240 340 26 0.25 0.055 0.055 0.011
S 270 GP 270 410 24 0.27 0.055 0.055 0.011
S 320 GP 320 440 23 0.27 1.70 0.60 0.055 0.055 0.011
S 355 GP 355 480 22 0.27 1.70 0.60 0.055 0.055 0.011
S 390 GP 390 490 20 0.27 1.70 0.60 0.050 0.050 0.011
S 430 GP 430 510 19 0.27 1.70 0.60 0.050 0.050 0.011
 ArcelorMittal mil specification
S 460 GP 460 550 17 0.27 1.70 0.60 0.050 0.050 0.011

Cold Rolled Sections

Grade Tensile strength
Min. yield
Min. Elongation
S 235 JRC 340 to 470 235 26
S 275 JRC 410 to 560 275 22
S 355 JOC 490 to 630 355 22

J Steel can also provide steel grades complying with other standards. The table above compares the main standards used worldwide. For comparison of chemical composition, however, refer to the corresponding standard.

Materials manufactured to other specifications including S 460 AP, A 572 Gr. 65, as well as special steels with improved corrosion resistance (A 690), or copper addition in accordance with EN 10248 Part 1 Chapter 10.4, can be supplied on request. A modified grade A 690 with higher yield strength is also available upon request.

Galvanisation has an influence on the chemical composition of the steel and must, therefore, be specified. We strongly recommend that requirements for surface treatments are identified when placing orders.

Hot Rolled Sheet Piles
(Reduced tolerances on request)

Tolerances AU, PU, PU-R, GU AZ AS 500 HZ
Mass ±5 % ±5 % ±5 % ±5 %
Length ±200mm ±200mm ±200mm ±200mm
Height H≤200mm:±4.0mm H≤200mm:±5.0mm ± 7.0mm
H> 200mm:±5.0mm 200mm<H<300mm: ±6.0mm
Thickness t,s≤8.5mm: ±0,5mm t,s≤8.5mm: ±0.5mm t,s > 8.5 mm: ±6% t,s≤12.5mm:
t,s > 8.5 mm :±6% t,s > 8.5 mm :± 6 % t,s >12.5mm:
-1.5 / +2.5mm
Width ±2%
Double pile width ±3%
Straightness 0,2% of the length
Ends out of square ±2% of pile width

Cold Rolled Sheet Piles

Tolerances PAL, PAU, PAZ, OT, OZ, Omega
Mass ±7 %
Length ±50mm
Height H≤200mm:±4.0mm
200mm<H<300mm: ±6.0mm
300mm<H<400mm: ±8.0mm
400mm<H: ±10.0mm
Thickness e = 3.00mm:±0.26mm
3.00mm<e<4.00mm: ±0.27mm
4.00mm<e<5.00mm: ±0.29mm
5.00mm<e<6.00mm: ±0.31mm
6.00mm<e<8.00mm: ±0.35mm
8.00mm<e<10.00mm: ±0.40mm
10.00mm<e<12.7.00mm: ±0.46mm
Width ±2%
Double pile width ±3%
Straightness Bending;  0.25% of the length
Curving;  0,25% of the length
Twist; 0,2% of the length max 100mm
End out of square ±2% of pile width

Hot Rolled Sheet Piles
Hot rolled sheet piles are normally supplied without handling holes. If requested, sheet piles can be manufactured with handling holes in the centre line of the section. Standard hole dimensions are:

Diameter D (mm) 40 40 50 50 63.5 40
Diameter Y (mm) 75 300 200 250 230 150

Cold Rolled Sheet Piles
Cold rolled sheet piles are normally supplied without handling holes. If requested, they can be provided with handling holes in the centre line of the section. Standard hole dimensions are:

Section Diameter (mm) Distance Y
PAL 45 150
PAU, Omega 45 200/300
PAZ 50 200
OT, OZ 45 150/300

Maximum rolling lengths for Hot Rolled Sheet Piles:

Section Length
AZ, AZ-700, AU, PU, AS500 31m
PU-R, GU, RH/RZ connectors 24m
HZM 33m
Omega 18 connectors 16m
C9 / C4 connectors 18m
Delta 13 connectors 17m

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