Giken Installation

From installation methodologies to onsite management, J Steel has the advantage of tailoring the installation of piles based on your project requirements. J Steel is not limited to any particular type of equipment or method. In addition to installation services J Steel also distributes Giken silent piling presses. J Steel stock a range of silent piling units for hire along with an experienced operator. We also provide full product support with all machinery including operator training, installation methodologies, drivability analysis installation management services.


J Steel employs a dedicated logistics team to administer and manage all aspects of material handling and delivery. We provide tailor-made logistics and freight solutions through our network of regional, national and international carriers.

Quality Control

Quality control and inspection strategies are tailor-made for each project to suit the required products, project specification and individual client requirements.


Material traceability and quality control during procurement, manufacturing, testing, and delivery. Strategies for quality control, inspection and audit are developed and implemented through an Integrated Management System certified to ISO9001:2008


Strategies developed and implemented through an Integrated management System certified to ISO9001:2008 Integrated quality control strategy from order placement through to product delivery.

Reduced risk and surety of supply Appointment of certified mills and manufacturers with the experience and capability to meet the project deliverables.

Development and implementation of Project Quality Plans Qualified inspectors based in the manufacturing facility.

Independent tests and inspections during manufacture material, welding and coating Manufacturers document review and verification Full material traceability including comprehensive Manufacturer’s Data Report Independent audit by qualified third-party auditor Implementation and monitoring to approved Inspection Test Plans Witness, document and sign off on any repairs Progress reporting Development and implementation of transport and handling plans Supervision of material handling and loading at the port Secure yards around Australia and New Zealand for stock material

Material Procurement

Through its network of specialist mills and manufacturers, J Steel can provide a wide range of innovative, high-quality products and fabricated solutions to meet individual specifications and project requirements. Our team can provide a tailor-made solution with the best package of products from across Australia, Europe, Asia, and North America.

Construction Management

Our team has extensive and varied experience in all aspects of project administration and delivery, facilitating a seamless supply solution from design through to delivery and quality documentation.

Our experience tells us that successful outcomes are only possible when a project’s primary elements of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Construction Management are aligned in their purpose.

With our global partners, J Steel provides world leading engineering, material and construction technology. We challenge the entrenched view that a safe, efficient and environmentally acceptable solution will be less economically successful than traditional methods. J Steel is committed to working with project owners and builders to provide an innovative foundation and structural engineering outcomes that add value to all stakeholders.

Design & Engineering Support

J Steel Australasia provides engineering foundation design and certification for all stages of a civil or marine project. We also provide engineering and technical support for third-party designs and work closely with engineering consultants and our clients to optimise their design solution.

Our services provide a tangible difference to the success of a project by drawing on a knowledge base from a vast amount of historical projects and experiences from around the world. Our skilled in-house engineering and technical staff have international experience and specialise in innovative efficient foundation design, and can also draw on the expertise of Giken ArcelorMittal and our other partners. The focus of our sustainable design is on safety, utilising global best practice born from local and international design standards, codes of practices and guidance.


J Steel recognises that engineering outcomes are only possible when a project’s core elements are aligned in their purpose, this is achieved through the below services.