Fremantle A Shed
Fremantle, Perth, WA

Fremantle Ports are redeveloping one of Western Australia’s most iconic locations; heritage listed ‘A’ Shed.  The 2,255m2 building features high open ceiling spaces and design details dated from the 1920s onwards. The final product is to build a Micro Brewery.



Within ‘A’ Shed the proposed redevelopment includes construction of a new sheet pile wall to provide local stability to the structure behind an existing sheet pile wall affected by washout of sandy soils and collapses. It was proposed that a new ‘second generation’ sheet pile wall will be installed behind the existing sheet pile wall, to prevent any further loss of material to the berth side.

Additionally, the headroom is limited. Within ‘A’ Shed, headroom is limited to about 5m,


The SW100 Silent Piler was selected to install the sheet piles as the machine allows installation with limited headroom and installs without noise or vibration. The work was completed on time and within Budget for the client, utilising local operators.