Harwood Marine Permanent Works
Harwood, NSW

Located in the Clarence River near Yamba in Northern NSW, Harwood Marine own and operate one of the largest privately owned commercial slipways in the Southern Hemisphere.



Following the success of the temporary sheet piled cofferdam wall (designed and supplied by J Steel – refer to separate Case Study), Harwood Marine again approached J Steel to design and certify the proposed repairs, upgrades and improvements to the permanent Slipway and surrounding infrastructure.

The scope included: Inspection, repair and upgrade to slipway foundations and support structure which had slumped due to dredging activities and damage to existing timber piling.

Design of permanent embedded retaining walls to replace earth and rock walls in poor condition.

Design of piled finger piers and capping beam to support a large ship lift.

Design of all basin & deck slabs and laydown areas, including ship lift tracking areas.


J Steel has extensive experience in the design of nearshore structures for marine applications. A system of embedded and anchored double walls was adopted for the perimeter retention system.

J Steel engaged a specialist structural engineering consultant to aid with some of the complex RC aspects. Breeze block walls were also designed in and adapted to make use of existing materials – to save cost to the Client wherever possible.