Kwinana Terminal Expansion Project
Kwinana, Perth, WA

Located in Kwinana, Perth, Coogee Chemicals is a diversified privately owned chemicals manufacturer. In April 2020 Coogee reached the final investment decision on the expansion of their existing tankage for Caustic Soda, this will be directly connected by pipeline to the Kwinana Bulk Jetty (KBJ) for export of said compound.



This expansion required the construction of a new containment wall adjacent to existing chemical tanks, whilst facility remained in operation. As the new tanks were to be constructed within an bunded area, the existing earth bund could not be removed.

Additionally, the scope also required piling in close proximity to an operational storage tank and a high pressure gas main.


Minimising risk, J Steel Giken was directly contracted by Coogee Chemicals to install sheet piles as the containment wall using the Giken Silent Piler, which minimised risk to existing infrastructure. As the technology is noise and vibration free, possible damage or disturbance to the tank structures, & their contents (hazardous chemicals), near by offices and High Pressure gas lines is prevented during pile installation.

Using our ECO600S, ArcelorMittal’s GU14N and GU18N sheet piles were installed in lengths of 7 – 12m. Installation commenced in July 2020 and completed in August 2020.