Pigtail Bridge (Brenan Street Bridge) Sheet Piling works
Rozelle, Sydney, NSW

WestConnex is the largest road infrastructure project in Australia. Located in Sydney NSW, the multibillion-dollar project was awarded to John Holland CPB JV as head contractor. At it’s completion, Westconnex will provide a 33 kilometre motorway connecting Sydney’s suburbs. This allows for more above ground communal recreational facilities including parks and playgrounds.



The purpose of this particular project was to provide temporary excavation support to enable construction of blade pier foundations for Shared User Path Bridge over the City West Link and Sydney Light Rail infrastructure.

This required two sheet pile cofferdams to be built between the operational Sydney Light Rail and the Heritage-listed Whites Creek drainage canal, with residences adjacent to the work site.


The proximity of sensitive infrastructure (railway and canal) and limited working area restricted use of vibratory piling methods due to potential for causing structural damage. Giken Press-in piling technology was selected to eliminate this critical risk. By using static load only for pile installation, the integrity of existing structures is guaranteed, whilst also minimising noise and hence disturbance to the community surrounding the site during piling works. In response to the client’s requirements, J Steel Giken was able to quickly mobilise its SW100 Silent Piler and materials and complete the project significantly faster than anticipated.

“We had a lot of visitors every day to observe silent piling including our John Holland and CPB JV Senior Leadership Team and every single one of them was impressed. This opened eyes of many people, including myself, with regard to what technology is available. In planning my works in the future I will be able to look at the task from a different angle.” – Simon Blazejczyk, Project Engineer, John Holland CPB JV