Upper Kedron Gas Cut Off Wall
Brisbane Kedron

The construction of a landfill gas cut off wall at Brisbane City Council previously Cemetery Rd Landfill, now Upper Kedron Reserve. The cut off sheet pile wall was to be built into a predrilled trench into the landfill and the underlying rock to pre-specified depths.


Vinyl sheet piles need to be manufactured entirely from a rigid, high impact resistant UV-inhibited vinyl compound with a max permeability 1 x 10 -13 m/s. The sheets also must be resistant to potential leachate with a 50-year design life back by a manufactures warranty.


The profile SG425 Vinyl sheet pile manufactured by CMI and distributed by J Steel Australasia Pty was selected. The wall required approx. 175 lineal meters of the SG425 vinyl sheet piles and SG225-425 corner section in various lengths up to 10 metres were supplied.


Capron piling were able to adjust their final length of the sheet piles prior to delivery once they had completed the final geotechnical investigations allowing for the most economical length reducing the overall material cost. Sealants were also required to assist with the permeability and Adeka A50N was used.

J Steel supplied Caporn Piling with approx. 1,800l/m of SG425 vinyl sheet piles ranging in length from 3m to 10m. We found that dealing with the J Steel team from the tender stage through to the delivery of product to be a seamless process, where nothing was a problem. QA documentation was submitted promptly, and we were kept informed throughout the sea freight process from the US.

Carl Voigt
Project Manager