Wheatstone LNG Plant Coated Foundation Piles
Ashburton North, Western Australia

The Wheatstone Project is one of Australia’s largest resource projects located 12 kilometres west of Onslow in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. The foundation project includes two liquefied natural gas (LNG) trains with a combined capacity of 8.9 million tonnes per annum and a domestic gas plant.

The project included an Onshore LNG Processing Facility built on a foundation of approximately 50,000 MT steel tubular piles, being the largest single piling supply contract in the Southern Hemisphere.



Manufacture and delivery of nearly 25,000 tubular steel piles with external coating for the construction of the Wheatstone LNG Onshore Plant.

18m long piles in 3 diameters were delivered in 14 separate shipments, each containing approximately 1,800 piles, over a period of 18 months.

  • Significant economic benefits through offshore fabrication whilst ensuring high-quality product and timely delivery.
  • Comprehensive Management and delivery plan to ensure site requirements and contract deliverables were met.
  • A comprehensive quality and project management strategy were developed and implemented, incorporating full-time offshore fabrication management, supervision, inspection, non-destructive testing, expediting and reporting.
  • Implementation of full time qualified inspection team at the manufacturing facility to ensure that approved ITP’s and other procedures are strictly adhered to, including witness and testing at agreed hold points providing end to end traceability and eliminating the risk of defects and non-conformances.
  • Manufacture and coating of piles close to the major port to facilitate regular shipments of large volumes of piles.
  • Protection of coated piles during handling and shipping to prevent coating damage.

“J Steel Australasia provided all the steel piles to this important project through a continuous quality program with particular emphasis on safe handling, material traceability and on-time delivery performance throughout the life cycle of the project.”

Danny Treen
Keller Australia Pty Ltd