Privacy Policy

You are not required to disclose personal data as a condition of using the website. In order to access particular sections of the website (including access to the Technical Library), you may be required to send J Steel personal data, including your name and email address. Personal data collected by J Steel is used to monitor use of the website in order to improve the products and services we offer. We may on occasion contact you via email with news and information on our products and services, including details of upcoming seminars or training events which might be of interest to you. J Steel may also retain electronic communications you send to us in relation to questions, comments or general enquires issued to us through the website.

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Transmission of Personal Data

Other than for the primary purpose of data collection, as described herein and within the Terms and Conditions, J Steel will not use or disclose, and will use reasonable endeavours to prevent the use or disclosure of, information provided by a user to this website. J Steel may analyse the data for statistical purposes in order to improve the website.