Marine Tie Rods

Many retaining structures such as wharfs and bridge abutments have significant retained heights. The incorporation of an anchor system provides additional support to reduce the loading, making the structure more feasible and economical. Tie rod systems are also known as deadman anchors and can be used within a wide range of retaining structures and materials.

Anker Schroeder manufactures round steel tie rods, well suited for transmitting tensile loads. Tie rods are manufactured in two forms; straight round tie bars, and tie bars with upset forged ends. Tie rods can be manufactured to any transportable length and extended by using couplers and turnbuckles.

The standard range of marine tie rods covers any size from M36 to M160, standard steel grades suitable for tie rods in marine applications are grade 355, 460 and 500. Other dimensions or steel grades are available upon request.

Straight tie rods are simple anchors suitable for small loads where the thread is either cut or rolled onto the bar. The reduced core diameter of the thread in conjunction with notch effect makes this the weakest part of the system.

Upset end tie rods have a forged end providing a greater range of connection designs to allow the full utilisation and more economic use of the main bar diameter. In the case of a threaded connection, this is no longer the weakest point in the system, as the core diameter of the thread on the upset section is greater than a unforged bar. Additional end treatments of upset end tie rods include a forged eye and spherical head.


Advantages of upset end tie rods:

  • Can withstand higher loads
  • Reduced weight and cost
  • Design flexibility through variability of ratios of shaft and thread diameter
  • Easy handling, packaging and transportation
  • Uniform elongation in the event of excessive loads
  • Wide range of connection options
  • Wide range of joint options
Couplers And Joints
End Connections