Structural Tie Rods

Tie rods provide a structurally efficient and economical solution for many structural applications. They are aesthetically pleasing and easy to install. Structural tie rod systems consist of straight bar tie rods manufactured from either carbon steel or stainless steel with either cut or rolled thread, fork connectors at each end, and the use of couplers and/or turnbuckles to achieve the desired tie rod length.

Compression tie rods are designed to transmit both compression and tension forces through the fork connectors. The compression rod features a pipe design with welded threaded ends or a solid rod solution depending on the design loading.

Structural tie rods can be manufactured in any size from M12 to M160 in carbon steel, and from M12 to M42 from stock material, stainless steel sizes up to M100 available upon request.

Corrosion protection for carbon steel tie rods can be provided by hot dip galvanizing. The systems can also be supplied in sand blasted and primed condition.


Features and advantages of Anker Schroeder structural tie rod systems:

  • High strength systems enabling loads up to 9,568 kN
  • Meets the demanding European technical approval CE ETA-04/0038
  • Identical system components and connection dimensions for carbon steel and stainless steel options
  • All components are stable at low temperatures (> 27 J / -20ºC)
  • Single rod lengths up to 22m