Structural tie rod systems are connected to the structure using fork connectors and can be extended by simply joining bars together using couplers and/or turnbuckles.

Item Image Key Features
Fork Connector and Pin
Simple pin connection, joins threaded tie rod to connection plate on structure
Simple cost effective connection
Allows minor length adjustment
Short threaded sleeve with opposite directional threads to enable two tie rods to be screwed together
Simple cost effective connection when length adjustment is not required
Longer threaded sleeve with opposite directional threads
Additional thread facilitates adjustment to the overall tie rod length providing greater flexibility
Can be used with couplers when more than one joint is required in the system  Required if tie rods need to be stressed after installation
Thread Cover Sleeves
Simple tapered cover to provide aesthetic transition from the tie rod bar to other components
Protects thread
Removes sharp edges providing smooth transition from bar to components Improves appearance