Engineering Design

J Steel Australasia provides engineering foundation design and certification for all stages of a civil or marine project. We also provide engineering and technical support for third-party designs and work closely with engineering consultants and our clients to optimise the design solution. Our services provide a tangible difference to the success of a project by drawing on a knowledge base from a vast amount of historical projects and experiences from around the world.  Our skilled in-house engineering and technical staff have international experience and specialise in innovative efficient foundation design, and can also draw on the expertise of Giken ArcelorMittal and our other partners. The focus of our sustainable design is on safety, utilising global best practice born from local and international design standards, codes of practices and guidance.

J Steel also provides:

  • pile drivability assessments
  • durability design and assessments
  • installation and construction advice
  • CAD drawings
  • specifications
  • peer review, optioneering and design optimisation


Retaining Walls

Design of permanent and temporary retaining structures for excavations, quay walls, cofferdams etc. including all common forms, such as Sheet-pile, Combi-wall, King post, Contiguous, Secant & Diaphram walls.  This includes the design of any required anchorages, structural tie bars or bracing (walers and struts).


Design of driven displacement piles such as steel H-type bearing piles, steel tubular piles, precast concrete piles and steel helical screw piles, and all traditional non-displacement piles such as micropiles, bored and CFA piles.


Design of structural steel, reinforced concrete, walers, struts, bracing, capping beams, pile caps and all vital interfaces between structural elements. Including for example grillages, headstocks and piers.