Giken Technologies

J Steel is the exclusive distributor for Giken machinery in Australian, New Zealand and the Pacific. Giken are renowned worldwide for their alternative Silent Piling technologies, specialising in the vibrationless installation of piles in reduced access work areas.

Giken crush pilers were used recently on the McKinnon rail crossing removal project installing sheet piles in the rail corridor close to residences around the clock on both day and night shifts . The vibration free piling methods suit a wide range of applications are where vibration would cause damage to existing heritage structures, weak foundations or sensitive underground services.

Giken Silent Piling equipment is available in Australia for hire with optional attachments for water jetting and predrilling operations to suit a wide range of spoil conditions. Support of the Giken products and piling methodologies includes provision of experienced operators, operator training and competency certification, engineering support, drivability analysis and construction management services.


The Giken silent piling equipment allows the construction of the steel pile walls with no vibration and very little noise. In addition to being relatively silent and vibration free there are advantages:

  • Greater production and resource utilisation – NO respite periods required.
  • No working platform preparation – working platforms for heavy piling equipment have become an expensive temporary requirement on many projects.
  • Limited working area, working in inaccessible areas – allows piling adjacent to operating infrastructure (roads and rail) without interruption.
  • Piling through obstructions – Crush piler and Gyro piler advance Sheet Piles and tubular piles in difficult soils.
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