Gyro Piler Contiguous Pile Walls

The Gyro Piler utilises the benefits of the Pres-in technology and conventional rotary piling to install tubular steel piles with cutting edges to penetrate a wide range of soils, rock and even existing reinforced concrete structures. Contiguous steel tubular pile walls provide heavy duty large modulus walls capable of large retaining heights.



Rapid Construction with Minimal Footprint


Traditional “Gravity Structures” can be constructed by using general construction materials i.e. soil and concrete, and simple techniques i.e. soil excavation and backfilling. However, gravity structures require a large footprint and complex construction sequences. This leads to difficulty in removing or upgrading the structure and therefore, gravity structures are normally constructed based on the “Scrap & Build Concept “. On the other hand, with the Gyro Piler Contiguous pile walls high yield materials are directly embedded into the ground with a minimal footprint and construction sequence. Thus, the Implant Structure can easily be removed, deepened and strengthened during its design life, based on the “Reusable and Upgradable Design Concept”.


PPT ( Pile Penetration Testing )


With the Press-in Monitoring System, real-time data logging of the Press-in operation is available during each pile installation.