Corner Sections

Corner piles are required wherever the change in wall direction cannot be accommodated by the rotation of sheet pile interlock (typically 5 degrees). Traditionally corner piles have been fabricated by cutting and welding, or bending the piles being used in a structure.

Corner sections (also known as joints or connectors) are designed for use with hot rolled sheet piles with Larssen interlocks in accordance with EN10248, specifically PU, PU-R, AU, GU, AZ and AZ-700 series piles. These corner sections are not suitable for use with cold formed sheet piles.

J Steel offers fabricated corner piles or special piles for use with cold formed sheet piles or where the following corner sections do not accommodate the required change in wall direction. A junction can easily be formed by welding a C9 corner section to a sheet pile at the required location. This can be welded on site or prior to delivery.

Corner sections used with Z profile sheet piles:

Corner sections used with U profile sheet piles:

If you require any additional information regarding the suitability of these corner sections for your specific application please contact us.