Fibre Reinforced Sheet Piles

FRP sheet piles are engineered with excellent strength to weight ratios for durability and resistance to hostile environments. The integrity of the production process is paramount to ensuring the desired results. CMI FRP sheet piles are manufactured (pultrusion process) with stringent and consistent quality control in an ISO certified manufacturing facility to ensure the sheet piles meets exact specifications.




  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Great strength to weight ratios
  • Attractive appearance
  • Capping and anchorage systems available
Section Width Height Thickness Profile Allowable
Moment of
b mm h mm t mm s mm kNm/m cm3/m cm4/m
UC-95 762 432 13.7 13.7 Z 216.84 3,145 67,870
UC-75 610 356 10.9 10.2 Z 140.85 2,043 36,325
UC-50 914 254 9 8.3 Box 77.10 1,118 14,200
UC-30 457 203 6.7 6.4 Z 48.19 698 7,101

GeoGuard (GG) and Ultra Composite (UC) are both product names used by CMI to describe their FRP products. GG-95, GG-75, GG-50, GG-30 are identical to the above piles with the same number. Production of GG-20 or UC-20 has discontinued.