Sheet piles can be rented for short and long durations for temporary works and is usually a more cost-effective alternative to purchasing and reselling sheet piles. Prices for rental sheet piles varies depending on the sheet pile specification, length of the rental period, the number of anticipated uses and corrosion environment. J Steel can customize a sheet pile rental solution, with the current range of rental sheets providing section modulus from 700cm3/m to 3,600cm3/m.

Some basic obligations with respect to renting sheet piles:

  • J Steel maintains ownership of the sheet piles at all times
  • a minimum rental period applies and cannot be reduced as this is the basis for discounting the rental rate
  • rental is charged and payable on a monthly basis
  • sheets have to be maintained in good working order, condition and repair
  • sheets have to be cleaned prior to return
  • sheet piles provided may be new but in most cases are provided used on an as-is basis.