U Profile

U profiles are used for a diverse range of applications and driving conditions. The ArcelorMittal range includes stiff, narrow sections suitable for hard driving conditions, and wider more efficient sections for applications where pile driving is easier. In Australia, New Zealand and most of Asia, U profile sheet piles are traditionally driven as single piles however, these can be supplied as double or triple piles.

The interlocks on Hot Rolled U profiles and Cold Formed OT piles are situated on the neutral axis. It is important that designers and contractors understand the effect of shear transmission on the design capacity.

J Steel provides Hot Rolled PU / PU-R / GU / AU sheet piles and Cold Formed PAL / PAU / OT / Omega sheet piles from ArcelorMittal mills in Europe and Asia.

  • A wide range of sections forming several series with various geometrical characteristics, allowing a technically and economically optimum choice for each specific project, typically:
    • Proprietary shoulder stiffening of PU18, PU22 and PU28 makes these profiles ideal for hard driving conditions and reuse
    • The 750mm wide AU series is more economical with reduced number of interlocks per meter run of wall directly improving water tightness control
  • Combination of great profile depth with large flange thickness giving excellent statically properties
  • The symmetrical form of the single element has made these sheets piles particularly convenient for re-use
  • Easy fixing of tie-rods and swivelling attachments, even under water
  • Good corrosion resistance, the steel being thickest at the critical corrosion points
  • PAL / PAU / Omega piles have interlocks away from the neutral axis on one side, enabling installation of piles close to existing structures
Cold Formed PAL / PAU / OT / Omega Sheet Pile Specifications
Hot Rolled PU / PU-R / GU / AU Sheet Pile Specifications