Z Profile

Z profile sheet piles are called Z’s because the single piles are shaped roughly like a horizontally stretched Z. Z profiles are continuous through the web providing full shear transmission between compression and tension faces of the wall.

Interlocks are located symmetrically on both sides as far away from the neutral axis as possible, providing efficient use of material and creating a positive influence on the section modulus. Z profiles are traditionally driven as double piles facilitating a greater wall coverage per pitch and drive.

J Steel provides Hot Rolled AZ sheet piles and Cold Formed OZ / PAZ sheet piles from ArcelorMittal mills in Europe and Asia.

The Hot Rolled AZ range of sheet piles is the most advanced in the world. ArcelorMittal introduced the AZ profile in 1990 and is committed to continuously improving the sections through ongoing, aggressive research. The AZ’s now cover the widest range of strengths representing the strongest, most efficient sheet piles in the industry.

The OZ / PAZ Cold Formed sheet piles are manufactured from a single length of steel coil providing a uniform thickness across the section, and the opportunity to produce lightweight piles as thin as 3mm thick.

  • Interlocks located at the outer fibre thus give optimized section profile for high strength and low material weight
  • High inertia enabling reduction of deflection for serviceability
  • Efficient section with high bending moment resistance
  • Uniform section thickness for good driving stiffness and greater durability performance
  • Greater system width compared to standard U profile sheet piling providing:
    • Reduced handling & installation time;
    • Reduced number of interlocks per meter run of wall directly improving water tightness control
  • AZ series incorporates the quality-proven Larssen interlock
Cold Formed OZ/PAZ Sheet Pile Specifications
Hot Rolled AZ Sheet Pile Specifications