The ANGELINA beam is manufactured from H or I beams, cut through the web along a unique sinusoidal line. The two T sections are offset and welded together providing a beam one and a half times deeper than the original profile.




Apart from the aesthetic advantages of the softer gentle lines of the sinusoidal shape, there are other economic and environmental advantages of using the ANGELINA beam:

  • Reduced fabrication and waste. The single longitudinal cut along the beam is more efficient, whereas a traditional cellular beam requires 2 cuts resulting in additional waste and scrap material
  • Efficiency of the section shape ensures the least amount of material is used for the maximum structural benefit. The reduced weight has flow on benefits for other elements of the structure
  • Larger openings in the beam allow for faster installation of ducts and pipe work on site
  • Made from environmentally friendly electric arc furnace steel in an ISO 14001 certified mill
  • Sections are made from recycled material and are 100% recyclable