Angles and Channels

J Steel can supply a comprehensive range of angle and channel sections to Australian and International standards, mill direct, minimum order quantities apply.

European Sections
UPE Parallel flange channels depths 80 to 400 UPN Standard channels tapered flange depths 50 to 400
U Tapered flange channel depths 40 to 65 UE Tapered flange channel depths 80 to 200
L Equal leg angles depths 20 to 250 L Unequal leg angles depths 100 to 200
British Sections
PFC Parallel flange channels depths 100 to 430 CH Tapered flange channel depths 100 to 430
American Sections
UE Tapered flange channel depths 75 to 380 MC American channel depths 150 to 460
L Equal leg angles depths 19 to 203

Australian / New Zealand Standard Sections

PFC Parallel flange channels, EA Equal angles and UA Unequal angles are supplied on a project basis ex mill.

If you are interested in other sections not represented here please contact us for details.