Beams and Columns

J Steel can supply a comprehensive range of beam and column sections to Australian and International standards, we have limited stocks of heavy sections or alternatively, we can supply mill direct, minimum order quantities apply.

European Sections
IPE Parallel flange I sections depths 80mm to 750mm IPN Taper flange I sections depths 80mm to 600mm
HE Wide flange beamsdepths 100mm to 1000mm HL Extra wide flange beams depths 920mm to 1100mm
HD Wide flange columns depths 260mm to 400mm HP Wide flange bearing piles depths 100mm to 1000mm
British Sections
UB Universal beams
depths 127mm to 1016mm
J J Joists tapered flange I sections Depths 76mm to 254mm
UC UC Universal columns
depths 152mm to 356mm
UBP UBP Universal bearing piles with wide flanges depths 203mm to 356mm
American Sections
W W Wide flange beams depths 100mm to 1100mm S S American standard beams depths 75mm to 610mm
HP HP Wide flange bearing piles depths 200mm to 360mm
Japanese Sections
H H sections & wide flange bearing piles depths 100mm to 900mm
Fabricated Sections
Castellated beams with sinusoidal openings
depths 316mm to 2066mm
P3 1 ACB
Castellated beams with circular openings
depths 275mm to 1668mm
P3 2
Castellated beams
depths 295mm to 1677mm
P3 3 Octagonal
Castellated beams
P4 1P4 2 IFB
Integrated floor asymmetric beams
depths 135mm to 370mm
P4 2 SFB
Slim floor asymmetric beams
depths 150mm to 345mm

Australian / New Zealand Standard Sections

UB & UC Universal beams and columns, WB & WC Welded beams and columns, TFB Taper flange beams, and UBP Universal bearing piles are supplied on a project basis ex mill.

If you are interested in other sections not represented here please contact us for details.