HISTAR steel grades were made possible by the innovative in-line Quenching and Self-Tempering process enabling the cost-effective production of high strength steel, available with minimum yield strengths of 355 or 460 MPa.

Hot rolled H-beams in HISTAR grades enables the construction of innovative and competitive structures including gravity columns of high rise buildings, long-span trusses and offshore structures, and is often recommended by Engineers in cases of stress governed and seismic design.

The yield strengths of HISTAR steels used in the construction industry have improved characteristics over the whole product thickness range. Compared with standard steels, these exceptional mechanical properties can reduce construction weight by 25-50 % depending on structural layout, and naturally provide high strength and exceptional durability, with a reduction in welding, assembly time and costs. Due to its high yield strength, it is possible to substitute complicated and expensive built-up sections with economical hot rolled HISTAR sections.

When compared to standard structural steels, HISTAR grades feature improved mechanical characteristics over the range of product thicknesses, and are available with guaranteed toughnesses down to – 20º C and down to – 50º C.

Table 1 shows a comparison based on yield strength between HISTAR and other standard steel grades:


  • Improved deformation properties in through-thickness direction with respect to the resistance to lamellar tearing
  • Notch impact properties in transverse direction
  • Maximum ratio between yield strength and tensile strength